Monday, April 9, 2012

Relative Humidity

Rain drenched nightmare of depression
Like clouds arranged in the Jigsaw mist
Engulfing time in eternal haze...
My immaturity continually defeated by experience
Of the wind peeping into the relative humidity
And warm smell of despair

The tears evaporate into monosyllables
Creating a compulsory revolution of lyrics
Pricking my worthless being
Like crawling worms in the mud…
Madmen and literate children
Shout and cry from the mountain peaks
The naked ukulele player shivers in the night
In his epic of caressing the moon...
The stubble in want of a shave troubles the saint
Urges him to walk alone on the street
The disciple with the tray of scattered donations
Writes the story of resurrection...

The termites of the cursed household
Dig into the rusty mind of the retired revolutionary
In an attempt to wake him with a sting…
The corpse lay awake staring at the sky
Listening to prayers for eternal peaceful rest
And shivering with the cold touch of Anubis...
The words levitate through the morning mist
Of work and incessant silence...
The nightmare evaporates with the morning dew
Leaving behind marks of humidity

The dying hope of living
Drags his nails on the wooden ground
With the tears vaporizing
And the rainy nightmare summarizing                                   

Sunday, August 15, 2010


An everlasting search for you
Amidst the chaotic urban mob.
Struggling through the slender cracks
In an act of losing myself.
Disturbed by the interlude
That eludes me to my closet.
The concrete jungle of oaks
Negotiates with the azure sky.
Dusk finds her den behind
The neatly arranged matchboxes.

Don't let slumber caress your eyes
As the sky spits fire on me.

The House melts down
To kiss the smoky earth.
The Yellow desparation sneaks
Into the uncomposed prelude.
The train flows part
Composing rhythms on the steel.
Your hair waving in randomness
Looking for my touch.
The darkness slithers past me
As I lie on the grave of my tales.

Don't let slumber caress your eyes
As the charred flower is reborn.

Words fight inside my gut
Vomiting the promise of togetherness.
Only the faint hope of haste
Lies on the disappearing lane.
Black soot lines up the decor
Of the love nest.
Gushing tears from the eyes
Keeps your face caged.
The fear of my end
Must torture your heart.

Don't let slumber caress your eyes
As myriad tunes escape my chapped lips

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Leaving behind shreds of linen on the floor

I tip-toe out of the illuminated pathway.

Leaving behind the moist eyes of Modesty

I devise my Great Escape!

A thousand arrows from Phoebes' bow

Have torn apart my steady heart.

Patience grasps me in her arms -

The Seraph of my delusions!

A faint hope exists in my mind -

Her monster eyes shall not behold me.

An unholy contract with fate

Her search for me shall be futile!

The laughter of Desperation fills the sleepy hollow!

My hair wild - my liberty,

My clobbered body - a hormonal playground!

Mindless banter - Freudian Symbology,

Broken chains - empty spaces!

A street urchin stares at spilled milk,

Monochromatic images fill the fire!

My skin - shedding every drop of idiosyncrasy

I have devised my Great Escape!

See, the wretched Salome is lonely there!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Sikkim Experience....

Thursday, November 13, 2008

To Delhi...

The day it all seemed bright and beautiful...the day it felt warm like the embrace...yes, the day when everything seemed to be perfectly in place...people having their regular evening strolls...chatting non-chalantly with faces known and unknown...children humming like wild occasional cycle bell attracts their attention from the innovative ball game...young souls looking into each others eyes...hungry for love...the day it was all calm and serene...except for the little tick-tock that speard silently through the atmosphere...sending the message of DEATH !!!

P.S. This is dedicated to the recently bomb blasts that shook the Capital of India.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

TO A FRIEND.......

From the compact spaces of adolescence,
Friend's face is a horizon
That can be crossed only once:
Through Betrayal.
And I learn
Friends have no secrets.
They exaggerate their presence
And succumb to their fears...
Nothing lasts in the vicinity
Of the body, not even
The funny
Gestures of friendship.
This knife-like poise is a pause
Between lives.

Even as your boat
Is rocked by stumps of trees
Underwater, my steady heart
Is rattled by a monsoon wind!

note: this is to my friend who has always taken advantage of me whenever he was need...and
after building a support system, has alienated me from his life! But friend I just want to
tell you that your friendship still lingers in my heart.......

Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Lady....

Life moves on
Mercilessly beating the darker times
And I lie awake
Just to see the moon...
But, alas, I forgot
She had a companion!
As I draw the curtains of my eyes,
Nightmares come racing in
To disturb my solitude....
I see myriad of insects
Crawling on my naked body
Eating away at my skin
Then my flesh....
Blood oozes out of my veins
And flows in narrow streams!
She licks them in unbound joy
To satisfy her disgusting thirst...
I lie chained to the ground
Groveling in the lowly dust!
Her cunning stare, increases my agony,
Her subtle smile stirs me with ecstasy!
I want to embrace her
But I Can't.
Someone give me Mithridates
Someone tell me to hate her....
Look into my eyes
They're hollow....
But at the end of this fathomless hollow
Still some love exists
For her....The Lady-
A beauty by day....a monster by night!