Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Leaving behind shreds of linen on the floor

I tip-toe out of the illuminated pathway.

Leaving behind the moist eyes of Modesty

I devise my Great Escape!

A thousand arrows from Phoebes' bow

Have torn apart my steady heart.

Patience grasps me in her arms -

The Seraph of my delusions!

A faint hope exists in my mind -

Her monster eyes shall not behold me.

An unholy contract with fate

Her search for me shall be futile!

The laughter of Desperation fills the sleepy hollow!

My hair wild - my liberty,

My clobbered body - a hormonal playground!

Mindless banter - Freudian Symbology,

Broken chains - empty spaces!

A street urchin stares at spilled milk,

Monochromatic images fill the fire!

My skin - shedding every drop of idiosyncrasy

I have devised my Great Escape!

See, the wretched Salome is lonely there!