Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Lady....

Life moves on
Mercilessly beating the darker times
And I lie awake
Just to see the moon...
But, alas, I forgot
She had a companion!
As I draw the curtains of my eyes,
Nightmares come racing in
To disturb my solitude....
I see myriad of insects
Crawling on my naked body
Eating away at my skin
Then my flesh....
Blood oozes out of my veins
And flows in narrow streams!
She licks them in unbound joy
To satisfy her disgusting thirst...
I lie chained to the ground
Groveling in the lowly dust!
Her cunning stare, increases my agony,
Her subtle smile stirs me with ecstasy!
I want to embrace her
But I Can't.
Someone give me Mithridates
Someone tell me to hate her....
Look into my eyes
They're hollow....
But at the end of this fathomless hollow
Still some love exists
For her....The Lady-
A beauty by day....a monster by night!