Sunday, August 15, 2010


An everlasting search for you
Amidst the chaotic urban mob.
Struggling through the slender cracks
In an act of losing myself.
Disturbed by the interlude
That eludes me to my closet.
The concrete jungle of oaks
Negotiates with the azure sky.
Dusk finds her den behind
The neatly arranged matchboxes.

Don't let slumber caress your eyes
As the sky spits fire on me.

The House melts down
To kiss the smoky earth.
The Yellow desparation sneaks
Into the uncomposed prelude.
The train flows part
Composing rhythms on the steel.
Your hair waving in randomness
Looking for my touch.
The darkness slithers past me
As I lie on the grave of my tales.

Don't let slumber caress your eyes
As the charred flower is reborn.

Words fight inside my gut
Vomiting the promise of togetherness.
Only the faint hope of haste
Lies on the disappearing lane.
Black soot lines up the decor
Of the love nest.
Gushing tears from the eyes
Keeps your face caged.
The fear of my end
Must torture your heart.

Don't let slumber caress your eyes
As myriad tunes escape my chapped lips