Saturday, January 12, 2008

TO A FRIEND.......

From the compact spaces of adolescence,
Friend's face is a horizon
That can be crossed only once:
Through Betrayal.
And I learn
Friends have no secrets.
They exaggerate their presence
And succumb to their fears...
Nothing lasts in the vicinity
Of the body, not even
The funny
Gestures of friendship.
This knife-like poise is a pause
Between lives.

Even as your boat
Is rocked by stumps of trees
Underwater, my steady heart
Is rattled by a monsoon wind!

note: this is to my friend who has always taken advantage of me whenever he was need...and
after building a support system, has alienated me from his life! But friend I just want to
tell you that your friendship still lingers in my heart.......


Phoenix speaks.... said...

A really heartfelt piece of work... kudos...
But I hope the light of friendship enlightens you mind,body and soul.. so that you pen out poems of a brighter hue...

panu said...

"Friends have no secrets."

Haunting line. As if all your deepest thoughts have just been exposed.

I like the poem scarlet.

Scarlet says said...


thanx a lot...


i'll try it the next time...